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DR Makes its Mark


Digital Radiography slowly, but surely, makes its mark

By: Wayne Forrest

When digital radiography (DR) systems began hitting the market in the late 1990s, the technology's lofty price tag put DR on more healthcare institutions' "wish" lists than "buy" sheets. A healthy degree of fiscal and clinical caution as to how long it would take hospitals to recover their investments -- and whether DR's image quality was worth the money -- also tempered DR's launch.

Now, industry observers concur that DR's best days are still ahead. The market is growing and is nowhere near saturation; the recent decline in system prices is prompting more interest among imaging facilities of all sizes; and realized workflow and productivity gains have proved that DR is worth the investment ... eventually.

By no means, however, is purchasing DR an assurance of instant radiological success. Among the caveats, radiology departments, imaging centers, and office-based physician practices must have enough patient volume to recoup the six-figure investment in a reasonable amount of time.

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