OEM Partners

OEM Partners

International OEM Partners

IDC's goal is to provide medical facilities, big and small, with the digital technology to capture high quality X-ray images using a low dose and at a much lower cost than other DR systems on the market.

To do this, IDC has partnered with international medical equipment companies, commonly known in the industry as Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's).

These OEM's incorporate the IDC digital radiography technology and Magellan software with their own stand and positioning devices to provide medical facilities in their region with a high quality, cost effective DR solution.

The IDC has two platforms of digital imaging technology: CCD-based and flat panel that include the Magellan image processing software as part of a complete DR solution.

Whether in a hospital environment or outpatient imaging facility, in the ER or an Orthopaedic practice; IDC delivers the image quality, acquisition speed, spatial resolution, and dynamic range to handle all DR exams with outstanding performance.


IDC Magellan Software

The Magellan software was developed exclusively for the IDC digital imaging technology.

The software’s image enhancement routines can be adjusted to provide the best images to meet specific requirements.

Magellan  connects directly with the IDC imaging system and provides a DICOM 3.0 Conformance to worklist providers, PACS, and printers; to ensure seamless integration into your healthcare network.

Some of the key features of the Magellan imaging processing software include:

  • Visual image parameter editor for enhanced image optomization
  • Touch screen compatability
  • Tissue equalization
  • Sharpening
  • Auto-crop and auto-shutter
  • Image preview in under 6 seconds
  • AccuTech - Dose Monitoring Software
  • Generator Integration with IDC standard generators
  • Export to JPEG, TIFF or DICOM formats
  • Predefined text annotations
  • Enhanced burn-in annotations for printing
  • Multiple image destinations can be selected