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IDC is a publicly held company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol IDL incorporated under the laws of Alberta, Canada.

The Company is a global medical imaging technology provider and innovative force in the high growth field of digital radiography (DR) technology.

With over 3,000 installations of its proprietary, award winning direct capture DR technology in 50 countries, it replaces conventional film-based diagnostic imaging and provides a cost-effective solution for medical facilities of all sizes to provide high quality diagnostic X-ray images and improve the level of healthcare for people worldwide.

Throughout its history, IDC has been recognized by multiple industry organizations and research analysts such as: Frost & Sullivan, and Deloitte Technology; for its dedication to innovation, global market growth, and customer focused value proposition.

The Company has its corporate office in Calgary, Canada, a business office in Hong Kong, and a representative office in Beijing, China.

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Investor Contact Information

Mr. Eugene Woychyshyn
Chief Financial Officer

Office: 403.251.9939
Toll Free: +1 866.975.6737





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