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Digital Imaging Technology for Veterinary Applications

IDC has taken its proven CCD-based DR technology and modified it to meet veterinary specifications.

Each X-Series imaging detector comes with a high speed workstation and user-friendly image viewing software that allows Veterinarians to view X-rays and provide efficient emergency care. Images can be sent electronically for diagnosis to viewing stations throughout the clinic and external sources for additional examination.

Sirius Acquisition Software - Version 1.7 Now Available!

The Sirius acquisition software was developed exclusively for the X-Series technology and provides facilities with their own mini-PACS image archiving system. 
This comprehensive solution also provides multiple X-ray image viewing stations throughout the facility for immediate access to high resolution images. 

The Sirius software image enhancement routines can be adjusted to provide the best image that will meet the specific requirements in a veterinary environment.  Connecting directly with the X-Series imaging detector, Sirius provides DICOM 3.0 Conformance interface to your Worklist provider, mini-PACS and printers; to ensure seamless integration into your healthcare network.


In 2012 IDC released the latest version of veterinary acquisition software, continuing the development of its accompanying software platform in response to customer needs. Sirius 1.7 has the ability to export all DR images and patient information from the Sirius workstation to an external source; such as an USB or external hard-drive.


Customer Comments:

"We have been using this system at our referral veterinary practice over the last four years.   IDC software edition, Sirius 1.6, is an easy-to-use, intuitive program that enables great latitude image processing and post-processing, and allows for easy archiving and case retrieval.  Sirius allows us to write studies to compact disc or DVD, or copy studies to portable devices such as flash discs or external hard drives.  This flexibility offers several alternative archiving and retrieval solutions, and should be excellent for smaller hospitals and clinics without a dedicated PACS. We have found the latest Sirius upgrade easy to use, reliable, and it fits seamlessly into our current networking system."

Dr. Tim Spotswood, BVSc, MMedVet (Diag Im), Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging


Sirius Software Technical Information:

Sirius DICOM Conformance Statement

Sirius Operator Manual

Note: Adobe Reader software is required to open these files.  This is a free download from the Adobe Web site >> 

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