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Image Processing Software

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Each IDC DR system comes with the user friendly Magellan image processing software and connects directly with the DR system. Magellan provides DICOM 3.0 interfaces to all major worklist providers, PACS, and printers, to allow for seamless integration within your healthcare facility.


Magellan's  image enhancement parameters can be adjusted to provide optimal results and meet specific image requirements.


Technologists find this user-friendly software a definite time-saving measure in their busy day with preview images  available in less than six seconds!


Key features of Magellan:

  • High resolution image capture
  • A visual image parameter editor for image optimization (VIPER)
  • AccuTech Dose Monitoring Software
  • Tissue equalization
  • Image Sharpening
  • Auto-crop and auto-shutter
  • Image labeling and field descriptions for clarity
  • DICOM Print SCU & Storage SCU, with commitment
  • Ability to export to JPEG, TIFF or DICOM formats

Additional benefits:

  • Generator Integration with industry standard generators
  • Export in CR or DX format
  • Dual Detector Support
  • Predefined text annotations and enhanced burn-in annotations for printing
  • Enhanced and configurable image information display
  • Simplified configuration for connecting to other DICOM entities
  • Multiple image destinations can be selected