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1600 Plus X-Series

The 1600 Plus X-Series provides busy imaging environments with an all-in-one solution


This unique U-arm system configuration enables technologists to easily capture images that have been typically difficult to obtain or uncomfortable for the patient. 
By positioning the stand, and not the patient, workflow improvements and throughput benefits are achieved.

The 1600 Plus is a complete DR solution with a floor mounted, U-arm multi-axis positioning device that includes the X-ray tube, collimator and generator all with a compact and clean footprint allowing for it to be installed in various locations.

With the additional features of a large LCD screen populated with the patient information, an arm-position angle indicator, and remote control programmed with automatic stand positioning; the 1600 Plus system provides medical  facilities of all sizes with a complete solution to meet the demands of busy imaging environments.


  • Motorized U-arm multi-axis positioning device
  • Large 3" x 3" LCD touchscreen
  • 600,000 Heat Unit X-ray tube
  • Manual collimator (motarized option available)
  • 64kW High frequency generator
  • Remote control with pre-set stand positioning program